This is the Lower School Outdoor Education Project’s eighth year. Each September brings grade-levels up to spend one day at the fields to play games, build friendships and learn to work as a team.

After these multi-class team-building days, each class returns to visit the outdoor site three or four more times during the school year. The visits are spread throughout the seasons to give everyone the experience of the changes that happen in nature throughout the year.

For some, this was their first visit to the project. For others this was a welcoming back. We exercised our muscles with the run around the field. We played on the amazingly lush green fields.

We explored the hedgerow, picked a few brambles and wandered through the garden.  These days are dedicated to renewing and building new friendships.

This year the spirits were very high as we  enjoyed some of the finest days of the summer, filled with sunshine and fresh air!

“Do you like what I created?”
(Click to view K1 gallery)

“I’m a friend of animals. I dug holes for snails and slugs to live in.”
(Click for K2 Gallery.)

“Sometimes it takes a little help from our friends!”
(Click to view Grade 1 gallery)

“Let’s see if we can get it to stay up for a long time!”
(Click to view Grade 2 gallery)

Look at the brambles. They’re ripe. Can I eat them?
(Click to view Grade 3 gallery.)

This is the best raspberry ever! Awesome!!!
(Click to view Grade 4 Gallery)

One thought on “TEAM BUILDING DAYS

  1. This looks to be a nice way to work with kids, to reintroduce the idea of cycle of teh seasons, a smart way to mixt nature knowledge and art.
    I can t wait to see what s coming next.
    Sorry for my weird english, i m from frence but does also work with kids around land art concept.
    Wish you my best.
    Bruce (the french one :))

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