Grade 1 – September Bramble Days

Grade 1 spent the morning practicing tracking skills, hunting for different kinds of birds. We found terns, wagtails, rooks, sea gulls, crows and magpies. We heard a robin singing up in one of the evergreens. Magpies look like they are wearing tuxedos. Terns fly very quickly. The wagtails go three bumps on the ground with their long tails when they land. … We never know what we will see. Sometimes the fox shows up. Sometimes he doesn’t.

We ate snack outside, but the yellow jacket wasps were trying to eat our food. We tried our best to stay calm. No one got stung.

During free time we played soccer, climbed on the playground equipment, dug holes in the garden and filled them with water. We found snails and slugs, which we transported to the big oak tree, so they won’t eat our plants.

After free time, we split into two groups. One group found some brambles and made them into bramble / apple tarts. The other group worked in the garden and learned about wheat and oats. Then we switched.

We ate lunch inside, because of the wasps. We ate VERY quietly, using whispers.

After lunch we painted with bramble juice from the berries that we collected in the morning. We finished off the day with a short free time and ate our bramble tarts. YUMM!

Brambles and apples are a great combination!
(Click on photo to view Grade 1 – Shaw Gallery)

We know not to get close to the fox.
(Click on photo to view Grade 1 – Abastillas Gallery)


Bramble juice makes good paint!
(Click on photo to view Grade 1 – Seeds Gallery)

These brambles taste great!
(Click on photo to view Grade 1 – Kember Gallery)

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